People tell me "he's just a puppy...." NOPE!
  1. Picture frame
  2. Multiple blankets (that came back out in gruesome ways)
  3. Sofa cushion
  4. Wine cork(s)
  5. Package of 12 taco shells
  6. DVD (the actual disc)
  7. A bone meant as a chew toy
  8. My daughter's first ever school test (she got an 'A' but no more proof of THAT!)
  9. A couple birthday party invites
  10. A bra
  11. Box of q-tips
  12. Bicycle handle streamers
  13. 2 socks (had to induce vomiting for that episode)
  14. A few stink bugs
  15. A Perplexus game
  16. Renaissance Faire headpiece
  17. Kitty litter
  18. 😳