I hate that there are people out there who abuse 9-1-1...judge my own guilt for yourself.
  1. The time my stepfather was having a grand mal seizure. (My age: 24)
    He had a brain tumour back when I was in high school and the surgeries left him prone to seizures. I came upstairs and found him convulsing on the floor. I called for my mom- a nurse- and when she realized he wasn't waking up after the seizure was over, she had me call the ambulance. This was the first time I had seen him seize and it freaked me out.
  2. The time the drug dealer lowlife who lived upstairs from me started removing my window screen and tried to climb in my ground floor window because his girlfriend wouldn't let him in the building. (Age: 26)
    Before calling the cops I yelled "EXCUSE ME!" at him through the window he was mounting, for which my roommate mocked me heavily, but it did startle him into running away. Note: the last time his girlfriend locked him out he was pacing in front of our window with an axe for 25 minutes screaming that he was going to "chop her fucking head off." The police were already well acquainted with him. Maybe I will make a whole list about him some time.
  3. The time someone was breaking into a car on our street in the middle of the night. (Age: 16)
    It was my first time home alone overnight and I'm pretty sure I hallucinated the whole thing because the cops couldn't find anybody and the car was fine.
  4. The time I was abandoned. (Age: 5)
    I woke up from a nap at my grandpa's house and couldn't find him. I kept calling his name and even looked outside in the garage. Being an astute child, I realized I had either been abandoned or my grandfather had been abducted by robbers like the puppies in 101 Dalmatians. The 9-1-1 operator was so kind. She had me hang up and said she would call back and I should let the answering machine pick up. After 3 rings my grandpa answered instead. Turned out he had been in the basement the whole time.