I don't know how to define 'things'... This is going to be really random.
  1. Music
    Obviously. Music is the most amazing, breathtaking, fantastic thingful thing in the history of things. I love (attempting/) writing music, playing guitar and the feeling of discovering new music and instantly falling in love with it.
  2. Movies
    Again, very obvious. I think I'd prefer to be in them rather than watch them though ha. ha. ha. (PLEASE HIRE ME ACTING AGENTS)
  3. The Office US
    I am 80% Holly Flax, 10% Michael Scott, 5% Erin and Pam (2.5% each) and probably a bit of everyone else. ........ That's what she said.
  4. Baby animals/humans
    Okay first of all: baby shoes/socks. Second of all: puppy yawns. Thirdly: videos of baby animals falling over their feet etc. And finally: babies = drunk adults. That is all. Oh and how fluffy they are!!!!!!!!
  5. Drinking water after being REALLY thirsty
    Nothing tastes as good as water and if you deny that you are wrong
  6. Tattoo designs
    I would literally be a health guru if I didn't eat half my weight in chocolate every day. In many ways, I am Augustus Gloop deep down inside.
  8. Hugs
    I will meet you and hug you, I promise you. When people don't like hugs it makes me uncomfortable. Hugs make me happy.
  9. Puns
    *makes a funny pun about liking puns*
  10. Zombies
    I know The Walking Dead isn't great but it's one my favourite shows literally because there are zombies. My favourite movies include 28 Days/Weeks Later and Zombieland. Warm Bodies is also great. There is probably some deep psychological problem as to why I like them so much but let's not worry about that now.
  11. Poetry
  12. The Simpsons
    I don't care what you say about them being well past their prime (yes I also have not watched the recent episodes) I grew up watching this show and Homer is one of my favourite fictional characters of all time. 'Nacho Man' was my ringtone for an embarrassingly long time.
  13. High waisted things
    I refuse to wear non high waisted pants. They are evil.
  14. Those handcrafted star lamps
    They literally give out no light to the room but OH MY GOD THEY LOOK SO COOL
  15. Nice customers
    I work full time as a waitress and I am extremely good at remembering my customers. If you are especially lovely to me, I will not forget it and you will completely brighten my day. If you are mean, rude etc I will also not forget and you will completely ruin my mood. Meanie.
  16. Dancinf
    Release dem endorphins dough.
  17. Videos of animals
    All of them all the time
  18. Swimming and cycling
    I want to do both constantly and simultaneously
  19. Red lipstick
  20. Vintage things
    Especially cars. Modern cars are ugly. Also clothes, furniture and people (heh)
  21. Vinyls
  22. Lists