1. Originally from Metro Detroit
    I have a lot of Detroit/Michigan pride, yet have zero interest in moving back or to anywhere in the Midwest for that matter
  2. As an adult, have lived in Pittsburgh, NYC, Boston, Atlanta and Los Angeles
  3. I'm a middle child, but feel I don't suffer from middle child syndrome
  4. Worked at a movie theater for ten years of my life
  5. Started working fulltime in the animation industry at the age of 29
    I had an internship when I was 27, and was easily the oldest interns. Even older than some producers that I had to report to
  6. I met Jim Henson at the age of 14
    I have another li.st with pictures of that experience
  7. I met many of my animation idols
    Even met Brad Bird in a Men's Restroom, and it was really awkward
  8. I have very little interest in video games and anime
    Yet I work with mostly people who ONLY have interests in anime and video games, so I often feel like an outsider among my coworkers
  9. At the age of 40, I'm still hoping to one day create my own animated series for a kids' network or streaming service
  10. I'm a huge movie nerd
    I can call out random movie facts, like a sports fan can call out team and player stats