This is a list of movies that anyone in my immediate family absolutely loves (my parents, myself and my two brothers). My brother and I coined them "Apel Staples" (our last name rhymes with staple). We tried opening the list up to include our wives, but they just don't have the same taste in movies... sigh...
  1. Back to the Future
    This is the quintessential favorite of my family. I remember seeing it as a family at the theater when it came out and its something we couldn't stop talking about. We were quoting it, my brothers and I got every starlog magazine that had a story about it and we all couldn't wait for the sequels.
  2. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    This is an absolute classic. This was one of the very first videos we owned and we watched it over and over again.
  3. Superman the Movie
    Another one that we owned on video in it's early days. I learned from this movie that my Mom even had a crush on Christopher Reeve. I think this was the first time I knew that people could have crushes on people they weren't married to. In any case, another absolute classic.
  4. Young Frankenstein
    This was a movie that my brothers and I didn't discover until our teens. My dad already loved the movie and once my brothers and I started watching it repeatedly, even my Mom would start repeating quotes from it.
  5. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    Temple of Doom wasn't as beloved in my family, but Last Crusade was immediately seen as an equal to Raiders of the Lost Ark. Adding Sean Connery as Dr. Henry Jones was seen as a huge plus (my dad being a big James Bond fan)
  6. Ghostbusters
    My family really loved this movie, even though my mom had issues with the "sex scene". In the movie, there is a quick bit in a montage, of Ray Stantz in bed having his pants unzipped by a ghost and then him reacting. My mom would say "I don't know why they need that", as she would for any sex scene in movies we all liked. What's funny is that up until last month, I didn't realize the ghost was giving Ray a blowjob! For over 30 years I just thought it was sex! So naive
  7. Uncle Buck
    John Candy was truly a beloved comedian in our household. I can't think of one movie that he was in that we all didn't love, or at least just love him being in.... ok maybe Nothing But Trouble, but I think only my younger brother and I saw that. Uncle Buck is a movie we quote almost daily when we're all together. John Hughes just wrote some amazing yet relatable characters
  8. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
    Riding on the Candy/Hughes gravy train, this is a movie we definitely have to watch every thanksgiving even if we're all thousands of miles apart. I'm personally a huge Steve Martin fan, so this one is easily a top in my own personal movie faves.
  9. Peter Pan (Disney 1953)
    My entire family, wives included, are big Disney animated feature fans. This one really resonated with my family, parents especially, so this one holds a special place on our hearts.
  10. Robin Hood (Disney 1973)
    Again a true family favorite, I think it helped that this one seemed to be on The Disney Channel all of the time when we were younger. Ooo da la lee! :)
  11. Mary Poppins
    Another Disney classic, another family favorite. Disney, Dick Van Dyke, Julie Andrews, great music, great animation... you can't beat it for pure family entertainment
  12. Catch Me If You Can (2002)
    There has to be at least one movie that was made in the new millennium, and this one immediately comes to mind. Spielberg, Hanks, DiCaprio again you can't go wrong
  13. The Abyss
    My dad, my brothers and I always loved science fiction... my mom, not so much. There have always been a few films that transcended her dislike and this was easily one of them. A great Cameron film that we loved when we saw it at the theater, the director's cut is even better!
  14. Vacation and Christmas Vacation
    I have to clump these two together, because they're beloved equally (sorry Europen, Vegas and new Vacation). Two comedy classics that we quote all the time and what makes it even better is that my wife, child and I now live across the street from where the fictional Wally World was filmed. My family loves knowing this
  15. The Muppet Movie
    It's easily my favorite movie, and my family loves it too
  16. A Christmas Story
    This is a family holiday classic. My younger brother loves it so much, he and his wife made it a point to visit the house that was used in filming a few years ago
  17. Three Amigos
    Man I love this movie, and believe me when I say that me being one of three sons, we were called the Three Amigos more than a few times. I think my love for Steve Martin movies started with this one
  18. Father of the Bride
    Again, Steve Martin, another family fave
  19. Pee Wee's Big Adventure
    My family saw this one at the drive in theater when it was released and we all loved it. My brothers and I thought it was so awesome that we saw it at the drive in and the movie ended at the drive in. If you've seen the movie Sisters, my brothers and I quote this movie the same way Fey and Poehler do
  20. Die Hard
    I believe this was the first R rated movie I had ever seen and my brothers I loved it. Yes it's violent but we all found it relatable and fun some how.
  21. The Blues Brothers
    Such great music, great comedy, great cameos. My younger brother and I were often called Elwood and Jake by one of our uncles. We even dressed like them for one Halloween
  22. Any Pixar movie
    Honestly it's hard to pick just one... ok maybe not Brave.... and not sure about Cars 2
  23. I know I'm missing a lot, so I may edit this list later