Most of the best advice I ever received has a lot to do with me moving or taking a job.
  1. Take the internship at Film Roman
    Thanks Julia Palmer
  2. It's only money, you can always make more
    Thanks Uncle Bruce, I don't know how sound this advice is, but I always took it as life is short, enjoy it
  3. "Want to move to NYC with me?"
    Not sure this is the exact quote, but I'm indebted to Jeremy for letting me tag along. I only lived there for a year, but it's an experience I will never forget.
  4. Take the job in Boston
    I don't know who to credit for the advice, but it was my first job in the animation industry and out of that job, I met so many talented people, many of which are my closest industry friends today.
  5. "Don't take the job in Malaysia, dude"
    Again not the exact quote, but before I decided to move to LA, I was considering taking an animation job in Malaysia. My great friend Pierre talked me out of it. If I took that job in Malaysia, so many things would've been different, most notably, I would've never met my wife which leads me to the last bit of advice...
  6. Lastly, and most importantly: Listen to your wife, she's always right.
    Ok, my wife said this, and I would say she is always right... about 85% of the time ;)