Comic Book Superheroes that deserve a movie and who should play them

My list is short, so feel free to suggest characters
  1. Plastic Man starring Jim Carrey
    It's shocking to me that no one tried to make this movie with Jim Carrey at his prime. Honestly I think Jim Carrey could still play gangster Eel O'Brien, who is transformed into the super malleable superhero, Plastic Man
  2. She Hulk starring Aisha Tyler
    I think Aisha Tyler is actually pretty great for this role, she's tall, attractive and witty. She Hulk as a character has similar powers to her cousin Bruce Banner, but one pretty shining difference, she can speak non-monosyllabic sentences
  3. Namor the Sub-Mariner starring Jason Momoa
    Clean shaven, Momoa is perfect to play Namor. He even has the brows! Unfortunately, DC already casted Momoa as their underwater superhero counterpart, Aquaman. That's a real shame because Sub-Mariner is a much more interesting character
  4. Red Lantern Mera Starring Jessica Chastain
    Suggested by   @raysofnope