I wanted to just do 7 jobs, but I didn't start my professional career until job 8. My list doesn't include lawn mowing, babysitting, freelance animation, or an internship
  1. Comic book store employee - Troy Stamp and Coin
    I worked in a comic book/baseball card store at the age of 13. My older brother already worked there on the baseball card section. I heard they were looking for someone so I applied. They paid me under the table and I mostly just organized their back stock. They fired my brother and I when my parents wouldn't let us work on Sundays. (I think my older brother blames me for getting fired, because he already worked there for almost two years)
  2. Camera Operator for the school district cable access channel - Troy School District
    I took a video production class in high school and they offered students to work for the school district operating cameras for school events. I think I was 16
  3. Dishwasher - Chef Michael's
    One of my dad's coworkers was a part owner in his nephew's take-out/catering restaurant. He needed a dishwasher who could also do deliveries and some food prep. My dad said I was interested, mostly because he knew I'd have to pay for my car. I was 16 & I didn't exactly love the job. I remember while delivering some food for a catered event in their white delivery van and a pan of red skinned potatoes spilled over. I delivered them anyway because I was a stupid nervous kid, and didn't tell anyone
  4. Mural Artist - Warren Fitzgerald Early Learning Center
    I already knew I wanted to be an artist/animator at 17. I had drawn shirts for school events and other things here and there. One of my friends' dad was superintendent for a neighboring school so he offered me to paint murals in the early learning center. It was my first paid job as an artist, and I got paid fairly well. I'm forever grateful for that opportunity at a young age.
  5. Movie Theater Employee
    I worked at movie theaters for 10 years starting at the age of 18. I commuted to college for 3 years. Went away to college for a year & Continued working there on my college breaks. Came back to the original college & continued working at the theater moving my way up to projectionist & then assistant manager. After I graduated college, I moved to NYC w/ a friend & guess what? Worked at a movie theater. Then moved back to Mi., went back to college to get a second bfa & worked at the movie theater
  6. Warner Bros Store Employee
    I worked briefly at this store while also working at the movie theater, thinking it'd get me closer to my dream job as an animator... it didn't so I quit. Almost exactly 20 years later, I worked at Warner Bros in Burbank as an animator
  7. GameStop Manager
    I lost my job at the movie theater because of an asshole District Manager. I was unemployed for a few months before I landed this job. I hated it and thankfully I was able to quit when....
  8. Animator - Soup2Nuts Boston
    My first full time animation job. The show wasn't great, but it gave me much needed experience, i met some amazing friends there and got to experience living in Boston.
  9. Animator - Radical Axis Atlanta
    After the series was not renewed in Boston, I found myself scrambling for a job. Luckily I contacted this company in Atlanta and they hired me. I got to animate on Squidbillies, party with David Cross and H Jon Benjamin (Both won't remember), get a feature film credit on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie, met more great friends and got to experience living in Atlanta
  10. Animator - Wild Brain Los Angeles
    I actually worked for the companies for Boston and Atlanta off site before getting this job animating on the Ricky Gervais Show. It is the job that introduced me to so many talented people in LA, people I continue working with today.