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Inspired by all the cool people of @list
  1. Fat-bottomed Girls
  2. Lose yourself
    8 mile was awesome and introduced little known actors named Anthony Mackie and Michael Shannon
  3. I'm not in love by 10cc
    Guardians of the galaxy really brought me back to some great music
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  1. Into the wild soundtrack
    This totally got me into Pearl Jam. I'm not even joking
  2. Stone temple pilots: Core
    Listened to this album through my formative years of 26 through now
  3. Getting jiggly wit it
    The first cd I ever owned
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Just things that I like so that you may get to know me better
  1. A song of ice and fire (game of thrones)
    This is my favorite book series, period. I like it so much that I even read the books to my sister aloud and do different voices for each character. I'm currently read the dunk and egg book a knight in the seven kingdoms
  2. I played the baritone horn
    When I was younger I played the baritone because I was exceptionally good. I stopped in college as I found other interests but I've never lost my interest in music especially movie soundtracks
  3. Movies
    Going to the movies as of late has been on my back burner but I do love them. I saw spotlight and the Martian this week. Not sure what's next but the only movies I won't watch are supernatural horrors. Nope nope.
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  1. Lying on the grass watching clouds
  2. Kissing someone with lips as full as mine
  3. Hanging out with my best friends
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  1. One day I'll break this curse and rid myself of these things that plague me
  2. One day I'll be able to look at myself and say good job
  3. One day is a far way off but I like to think that because I fought today maybe one day is a little closer
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  1. What was that ache?
  2. Is this really the only life we have?
  3. Do we repeat life over and over again with one small change?
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  1. "The worst thing about prison was---was the dementors." ~Prison Mike~ ~Michael Scott~
  2. "Just because you wiggle your finger doesn't mean Dick will come" ~Veronica Mars~
  3. "You can wait...you will wait" ~my sister~
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  1. Doctor Who
    Matt smith is my favorite doctor and he has probably one of the best fantasy arcs over his 3 seasons ever. And yeah, I'm including game of thrones in that.
  2. Breaking Bad
    To say that this show is the best show of my lifetime probably lauds it on pretty thick but I still think that had I not waited until it was in the last season before starting it, I might have whined a couple extra weeks over those 6 years.
  3. Silicon Valley
    I didn't really put this show off for long but I'll still include it in this list because I just want to let everyone know that Mike judge finally returned to form.
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  1. Teenage mutant ninja turtles: out of the shadows
    This movie looks terrific and has bebop, rocksteady, krang, shredder, and Casey Jones. Straight outta the 80's cartoon and turtles in time
  2. Independence Day: Resurgence
    As much as I hate Jeff goldblum this movie looks hella fun.
  3. Jason Bourne
    Really love the first four and really excited that greenglass is back in the director's chair
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  1. I always feel more alone when I know everyone that I can talk to on a personal level is sleeping
  2. My anxiety level rises the later it gets
  3. If I get up at a normal time in 8am I've only gotten about 3 hours, if I get 8 hours of sleep I don't wake up until the afternoon.
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