Allow Me to Listroduce™ Myself

Just things that I like so that you may get to know me better
  1. A song of ice and fire (game of thrones)
    This is my favorite book series, period. I like it so much that I even read the books to my sister aloud and do different voices for each character. I'm currently read the dunk and egg book a knight in the seven kingdoms
  2. I played the baritone horn
    When I was younger I played the baritone because I was exceptionally good. I stopped in college as I found other interests but I've never lost my interest in music especially movie soundtracks
  3. Movies
    Going to the movies as of late has been on my back burner but I do love them. I saw spotlight and the Martian this week. Not sure what's next but the only movies I won't watch are supernatural horrors. Nope nope.
  4. Television
    I also love television. Just finished season 2 of daredevil.
  5. Family
    Family is so important to me and I love my family
  6. Friends
    Another thing that most people have that I love
  7. Comic books
    Started on DC and moved from there. Favorite is green Lantern, just not the movie.