1. One day I'll break this curse and rid myself of these things that plague me
  2. One day I'll be able to look at myself and say good job
  3. One day is a far way off but I like to think that because I fought today maybe one day is a little closer
  4. One day I'll reach new heights
  5. One day I'll fall to new depths
  6. One day I'll stay the course
    I just need those days to link together like a chain so that I'm strong as steel again.
  7. One day I'll slip
    And hope that it doesn't put me back at the beginning
  8. One day I'll be me again.
  9. One day day I'll find out who me is?
    Will I like me?
  10. One day I'll feel the breeze and know that you're with me
  11. One day I will feel completely alone
  12. One day