1. Scatter my dad's ashes at the statue of the David in Florence, Italy
  2. See all the parts of Italy I haven't been to yet
  3. Do yoga in India
  4. Own a sitar and learn how to play it
  5. See the ball drop in Time Square on New Year's Eve live
  6. See the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in NY live
  7. Go on ghost tours in New Orleans
  8. Visit Ernest Hemingway's home in Key West, Florida
  9. Read every book on my Goodreads account, including all the books I don't know about yet 😁
  10. Create a literary tour of the US stopping at all my favorite author's homes
  11. Live in the Haight-Ashbury section of San Fran
  12. Live in a home by the ocean with my own library/yoga/meditation/ballet room
  13. Subscribe to every theatre in whatever city I'm living in so I don't miss any shows, plays, musicals.
  14. See every movie when it comes out in the theater
  15. Sit in the audience at The Oscars and see my daughter win one for directing
  16. Sit in the audience at The Tony's
  17. Meet Barbra Streisand
  18. Meet Angelina Jolie
  19. See the Grand Canyon
  20. Visit Graceland
  21. Go on The Beatles trip
    14 days in Germany and England visiting their homes, their studio at Abbey Road, The Cavern Club in Liverpool and much more
  22. Find where all my favorite people are buried and visit their graves
    Already visited everyone in Westwood Cemetery-Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, Natalie Wood.....
  23. Visit Marilyn Monroe's grave more often
  24. Help my daughter make a movie
  25. Have a surgery to make my spine not hurt anymore
  26. Learn how to speak fluent Italian and French
  27. Take an extended holiday in France so I can pretend it's the 20s and visit all the cafes my favorite authors spent time writing in
  28. Write a book of my own
  29. Home school any grandchildren I may have
  30. Experience The Day of the Dead in Mexico
  31. Cover up my leg tattoo
  32. Live a happy peaceful existence
  33. See SNL live
  34. See The Ellen Show live
  35. Stay with Jess in Portland and spend a day in Powell's Books
  36. Get hypnotized so I can lose my fear of driving
  37. See the Cirque de Soleil show The Beatles-Love in Las Vegas