Throwback Thursday movies:70s edition

  1. Dazed and Confused
    Matthew Mcconaughey was born to play Wooderson. Just keep L-i-v-i-n!
  2. Virgin Suicides
    This movie is super depressing but baby faced Josh Harnett is foxy.
  3. Almost Famous
    I wanted to be a music journalist in the 70s so bad after seeing this!
  4. Anchorman
    So funny yet so the sexism at the news station seems pretty accurate.
  5. Lords of Dogtown
    70s skateboarding plus Heath ledger with weird ass teeth equals a pretty kickass movie.
  6. The Lovely bones
    I was so glad I didn't live in the suburbs after seeing this. Mark Wahlberg as a dad in the 70s is fine af
  7. Starsky and Hutch
    Owen Wilson and ben stiller are one of the best comedy duos! Has to be one of the best movies based on a tv show.