First of all thanks to @ChrisK for setting this up. I'm so excited. I'm publishing this list in case you're totally stuck on what to get me.
  1. I'd like to get to know you.
    Tell me about yourself. Or share some items of your interest. I love meeting new people! (Even if it's over an app)
  2. I'm interested in other cultures/lifestyles.
    So if there's something you can share from your background, I'd love that!
  3. I'm pop culture obsessed.
    I know that's really broad but I watch so much tv and so many movies that I'm bound to like something you do.
  4. I love writing.
    Pens, notebooks, stationery. The cuter, the better!
  5. I'm chill.
    Sure I have my preferences but just getting a gift from a kind stranger is good enough for me. So send me anything!