Kobe Bryant's legendary career ends today and I will be an emotional wreck. Here are some memories of being a Mamba fan.
  1. Kobe gets engaged to Vanessa
    I remember reading in the newspaper that Kobe got engaged to a high school student named Vanessa. I was 12 and very jealous.
  2. Kobe hits the buzzer beater against the Suns in 2006 playoffs.
    My dad got me a single ticket 9 rows behind the basket while he sat a few rows back. Still can't believe I was there for one of Kobe's most memorable games of his career. Check me out in the right bottom corner wearing the yellow hat & vest.
  3. 2002 & 2009 Lakers championship parades
    Happy to be present for the madness.
  4. Letters to Kobe
    After major injuries, wins & losses, I would write letters to Kobe on Xanga, Livejournal & Tumblr. They were super schmaltzy.
  5. My mom sees Kobe at her work
    She saw him at UCI medical center when he injured his finger. She was so nonchalant about it and I couldn't handle it.
  6. Parade at Disneyland (2009)
    The day after the 2009 championship parade Disneyland had a parade with just Kobe. It was a lot less crowded so I could see him up close. I saw him just the day before and I still screamed my head off. He was with Mickey on his float which was the cutest thing ever.
  7. Lakers beat Boston in 2010 finals
    One of the happiest moments of my life no joke. My brother and I jumped around the house and I lost my voice. This was Kobe's last championship and probably his most satisfying.