Amazing structures that I have been to

Buildings or monuments that I have been to. I'm sure that there are several I'm forgetting. Pretty sure that I'll be adding things as I remember them.
  1. The World Trade Center NYC
    In May of 2001 I was on the roof of the one tower looking a across to the roof of the other.
  2. Stonehenge Whiltshire, UK
    I think it's the mystery of why more than the structure itself. Side note: smaller in real life.
  3. CN Tower Toronto Canada
    My dad loved to go to Toronto for vacations. We had to have gone 8-10 times.
  4. Eiffel Tower Paris
    Took the elevator up and the stairs down. Very cool experience.
  5. Gateway Arch St. Louis Mo
    The elevator is a pod that slightly shifts to keep you level as you ascend the arch. My cousin Emily screamed every time it leveled off.
  6. Parliament and Big Ben London UK
    Big Ben is actually the name of the bell in the clock tower not the name of the clock tower.
  7. St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Rome
    Jesus would not approve of the opulence
  8. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum NYC
    A Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece
  9. Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco Ca
  10. Mount Rushmore South Dakota
    Very cool.
  11. Lake Pontchatrain Causeway
    The longest continuous bridge passing over water. Near New Orleans La. It is 24 miles long. I love bridges
  12. Glockenspiel Munich Germany
  13. Empire State Building NYC
    What a view. Saw fireworks being set off near the Statue of Liberty from the observation deck
  14. Ponte Vecchio Bridge Florence Italy
    Very cool bridge with shops and businesses throughout.
  15. The Bean Chicago
  16. Corn Palace South Dakota
    Because dad made us go there on our cross country trip.
  17. Washington DC
    Many many monuments Lincoln Memorial, Washington monument so many more
  18. Hoover Dam Nevada
    Engineering marvel
  19. Big Muskie Ohio
    My uncle Dale worked for the coal company that owned this beast. It was 22 stories tall and could fit 2 Grayhound busses in its shovel. It Walked. Walked people!!! Another engineering marvel.
  20. Cape Kennedy Space Center Florida
    I love love love this place!!!