1. Create a relay race featuring roller skates, pogo sticks, slip-n-slides, tricycles, and zip lines around UCLA. Create a cult surrounding this idea.
  2. Play a game of capture the flag in Rieber Hall spanning multiple floors using nerf guns, water balloons, silly string, and school spirit.
  3. Cure Cancer
  4. Brew beer in my dorm room with Sahil, and using the plastic tubing, send it to Henry's Room.
  5. Go fishing on Bruin Walk. When some attractive girl asks you what you are doing, say "I heard there's plenty of fish in the sea, but looks like I hooked the perfect one." Take her out to dinner.
  6. Play hockey in Bruin Plaza. During daytime.
  7. Play shuffleboard in Bruin Plaza. During daytime.
  8. Create a secret society called "The Fishing Club." We don't actually fish, but it's just a very elaborate satire on fraternities where the hierarchy is based on what type of hat you wear. It's all intentionally douchey but because everyone knows how docuhey it is, it's no longer douchey but very funny.
  9. Take a girl around campus with two bottles of wine and a speaker.
  10. Organize a Disk Golf tournament around the campus. Combine it somehow with drinking. Make a pun out of it.
  11. Throw a "Tequila Mockingbird" party. Dress up as a classic literary character if they were an alcoholic.
  12. Go to a halloween party as Maverick from Top Gun. Go with a rather tall blonde girl, make her do her hair up.
  13. Go to Bplate absolutely hammered. Play drinking games at dinner.