Casual Sources Of Wonder, Possibly Not Actually Mysterious Besides Their Inordinate Force As A Point Of Interest
  1. Becoming Friends Is Like Building A Language. I Can't Engage Even Once Without Trying To Use One Of The Newest Secret Codes. What's With That, Am I Oddicted?
  2. I'm Enjoying This Concept I Was Introduced To, To Dismantle The Corrupt Heroism Of The *I Can* With *Yes, I Can't* -- To Lend Affirmation To The Waning Side -- *Yes, I Can't* Feels Totally Terrific, But Is It Just A Baby Step Towards *No, I Can't* Feeling Even Better?
  3. If You And Your Partner Have The Same Acupuncturist, And The Acupuncturist Honors The Client Privacy, The Acupuncturist Can Still Bridge The Gap, By Putting Your Organs In Conversation, With Needles.
  4. Another One Of My Borrowed Mantras: *I Will Stay Rare* -- But I've Been Quite Into The Meaningfulness And Importance Of *Togetherness* Lately. There Is A Bit Of Explaining To Do. With So Much *Explicitness* These Days, *I Will Stay Rare* Feels Like A Point Of Leverage That Allows For A Generosity That Isn't Complicit. That's How It *Feels* To Me.
  5. Boundaries, Secrets, The Moon Side, Communication, Authenticity, Some Sense Of Culture And It's Patterns; That's Where I'm At This And Most Mornings. Definitely Wondering What It Takes, Spatially And Atmospherically, To Just Float One Out There And Have Any Sense Of It's Landing!