An antidote for stress, anxiety, panic, chronic pain, obsessive thinking, yada yada yada
  1. When we are upset, we subtly over breathe. It changes our brain chemistry and triggers our fight or flight system in the brain. Wild agitation ensues--
    Our brains believe the saber tooth tiger has just spotted us. Holy fuck! But remember my previous list, your cortex doesn't know what your limbic system believes. We just think we are spazzes😖
  2. Foursquare or box breathing restores our normal O2-CO2 balance and normalizes our brain functioning. Plus following the breath in this way is a form of meditation and is good for other brain parts as well.
  3. How to: breathe in for a count of four...hold for a count of four...breathe out for a count of four...and hold it out for a count of four. Rinse and repeat 16 times!
  4. Do this everywhere, at stop lights, in the checkout line, before you go to sleep,. Practice this shit so you got it when you're frazzled. Get your bhodisattva vibe on!