Ha @dev! Great list request! My name is Ouisue and it is pronounced "wheezy" and yeah, nobody knows what the hell to do with spelling like that. It is French with OUI sounding like wee~don't ask me about the last part of the names spelling I don't get it either~
  1. Ouisue is a nickname for Louise. Everyone has an aunt Louise or their middle name is Louise but not so many people under 80 are named Louise
    At work my patients sometimes call me Louise--if they don't call me Dr. Packard. I've sort of gotten used to it, but nobody in my personal life has ever called me anything but Ouisue.
  2. Remember Steel Magnolias?? Ouiser was the character played by Shirley McLain. Same idea.
  3. I'm married to Larry Moskowitz. Ouisue Moskowitz sounds like a disease so I stuck with Packard. I also had a professional history with my name and it didn't make sense to change it.
  4. My third grade teacher called me "louse". Way to build self-esteem Mrs. Dietrich.
  5. Siri pronounces my name "oy-a-sue". On @Larry 's phone I'm his ICE, so Siri calls me "ICEoy-a-sue". @Larry thinks this is super hilarious.
  6. Many people call me "qweezy". They think that "O" ought to be a "Q" since it is next to a "u". So yeah. Qweezy.
  7. To be honest, most people are just plain avoidant. They don't even try. I am very used to people using any possible means of avoiding saying my first name unless they know what they're doing. I can hardly blame them the spelling is that psychotic
  8. On the off chance they are brave enough to try, I have heard "qweesue" "oosow," "Oysue" and qweesooie!!!! Qweesooie!!
  9. So there you go! I'm pretty much the only one out there in cyberspace. If I ever come to a Listapp meet up i'll never be offended if you don't know how to say my name.
  10. My fourth grade teacher asked me if you are Japanese because your name was "Oy-Suey"
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz