Some great jobs and some that really sucked!
  1. Junior Ski Instructor
    Highlands mountain Aspen Colorado. Winters from 15 to 17. In exchange for teaching tiny children to ski from nine until noon, we teenagers got a free pass for the rest of the day. They got cheap labor-- we got free skiing!
  2. Salad Girl
    Arthur's Restaurant in Aspen Colorado, age 16. Every day I roasted a turkey, chopped veggies, and prepared salads to order from 7 to 3 every day during the summer. I'm pretty sure I was high by 11am most days. Restaurant life, yo.
  3. Paramedic
    I got certified as a Paramedic when I was 19 years old. Worked the ambulance crew out of Aspen Valley Hospital during the summers. Only female paramedic around. Saw some shit. Whole different list.
  4. Lab Rat
    College--I majored in biochemistry, and most of us worked for our professors who had to publish or perish. I spent one whole summer in a lab dungeon counting the number of mayflies in the stomach of Salmo Trutta. Yeah.
  5. Editorial Grunt
    I studied science writing at Caltech and thought I was going to have a major career as a science writer. Instead I was a poorly-paid copy editor for a bunch of different publishing companies. first job out of college sucks
  6. Editor
    Matthew Bender. Legal publishing house--this is where @Larry worked as a legal writer. Office romance, wedding, he never got promoted again while I did--they didn't like the fraternization between writers and editors--all good, he had bigger and better things to do!
  7. Post @gabimoskowitz and @jgmosko --multiple freelance editing jobs--American Medical Association and State Bar of California being the primary ones. Great because I could do them at home while taking care of babies.
  8. Finally decided I'd had enough and went to Grad School.
  9. Internships--
    Before I was licensed, I had some awesome internships. I worked at the Height Ashbury Free Medical clinic seeing schizophrenics who lived in Golden Gate Park, I worked at an AIDS clinic doing neuropsych evaluations, and I worked in-patient at a great psych hospital. Excellent training opportunities and very valuable pre- and postdoctoral placements