Some of my favorite photos from the wedding of @gabimoskowitz to @evan

It was such a precious and moving experience, I thought I would share
  1. The wedding, traditional and Jewish—was held at the gorgeous Kunde vineyard in the hills of Sonoma on July 3rd 2016
  2. Before the wedding ceremony, there was a men's Tisch in the wine caves. This is usually a ceremony celebrated along with a lot of singing, dancing and booze. The photographer captured it beautifully
  3. At the same time, the women were preparing, and much the same way. I got a little overwhelmed here
  4. This is what I saw that overwhelmed me!
  5. Finally it was time for the ceremony. The groom was handsome and the bride was stunning
  6. 💕💕
  7. Like any great Jewish wedding, music, dancing, and food were also stars of the show
  8. Sunflowers bloomed everywhere
  9. We ate, and listened to speeches
  10. @jgmosko gave a great toast. Here he is with his sister and his beautiful fiancée Jen
  11. The bride and groom were so happy!!!!
  12. Finally it was time for cake
  13. Gabi and her daddy @Larry did their father daughter dance with style!
  14. They truly love and respect each other. It was such an honor and joy to witness their union❤️