We've done a lot of research on folks who have had the two hemispheres of the brain separated. It has given us insight into normal human behavior
  1. Our left hemisphere is a kind of interpreter. It tells a kind of story about our experience. The left hemisphere is logical and analytic
  2. Our right hemisphere is more visual and spatial. We often describe ourselves as either left brained and logical --or right brained and creative.
  3. So what does this have to do with normal people trying to deal with unwanted behaviors?
  4. Remember the list where I told you you had a rational reasoning part of the brain--the cortex, and an emotional part of the brain--the limbic system?
  5. No matter how hard our cortex tries to remind us of our goals and consequences our limbic system and our pleasure/pain/fear drives sometimes run the show.
  6. So when we give in and call our dealer, the pizza delivery guy, or our crazy ex, The limbic system has overwhelmed the cortex. Our need for pleasure, human contact, or avoidance of painful emotion, has overwhelmed the part of our brain saying no no no!!!!
  7. And our left hemisphere has confabulated a story that justifies our every whim. And then afterwards tells a story about what a loser we are and how it's hopeless to ever change. Great. We are impulsive losers who are doomed.
  8. So what helps to change this crazy sitch??
  9. Probably need a new list for that---but I will say, start recognizing that sometimes the story you're telling yourself is your left hemisphere trying to justify and rationalize your conflicts. Sit with the feelings and the story without acting on it. That's a start.
  10. More help to come. Love DocP