Jury duty: it is our civic duty!
  1. Dammit, my back hurts. That is going to make this whole process pretty darn difficult
  2. Oh crap, this case is relevant to what I do for a living. I better let them know
  3. Sooooo, does the fact that I'm an expert in this make me more or less desirable to the defense or to the prosecution?? I mean since I would be a juror not an expert…
    Really it could go either way
  4. The defense attorney is questioning me closely. She wants to know whether or not I would have an opinion one way or another given certain facts. I most definitely would. Yes counselor, I definitely do!!
  5. The prosecutor is giving me the evil eye. I know what that means
  6. The Judge just warned me that if I was empaneled I would just be one of 12 with no fancy extra knowledge to throw around. I agreed wholeheartedly. I know my place judge.
    Yeah, Judge you're right, but once the prosecutor and the defense attorney got a load of me, they were going to have a different point of view from you. I'm toast.
  7. The defense attorney keeps excusing jurors. I am number 14. I can tell she's trying to get me up in that box as One of the 12
  8. Yep, she excuses number six which means I'm going up ...annnnnnd The prosecutor thanks me for my service and dismisses me.
    Knew it, lol
  9. Until next year!!