I'm at work and I have 50 minutes sessions with 10 minutes in between, eight in a row, starting at 8 AM. I eat crazy little bits of things between patients. I'm so weird.
  1. 7:55. Starbucks Via with Hersheys dark chocolate and a little protein powder mixed together with hot water. Got to be alert. Got to pay attention!!
  2. 8:55. Breakfast. A vegan sausage in half a low carb pita That sounds like breakfast right?
  3. 9:55. The second protein mocha. Got to power through! Caffeine, protein, and chocolate FTW!
  4. 10:55 Brunch. Brought this from home. One packet of wild salmon mixed with a laughing cow pepper jack and some Cauliflower rice, nuked. So so yum!! So so weird!
  5. 11:55. Pretttty full. Two little flax crackers just for a nosh!
  6. 12:55. One ostrim. Look it up. Mmmm, ostrich. Yeah, don't judge!
  7. 1:55. I'm heading into the home stretch!! 100 calorie pack of raw walnuts and almonds.
  8. 2:55. Green tea and the delicious awareness that I'm off in an hour. Yay!