@gabimoskowitz is a sweet daughter who came over to help her ankle-surgery recovering mama
  1. She emphatically lets me know when my ingredients are substandard or expired! bad dog. Bad bad dog.
  2. She has four pots/pans, the oven and the chopping knife going at the same time. It's a kitchen ballet and she is Baryshnikov
  3. Did I mention mad knife skills?
  4. She is hilarious and witty--riffing and cooking. Seriously folks she needs her own cooking show!! Somebody please get right on that
  5. The food is so so good! She made me sauteed vegetables, bulgar, oven roasted broccoli, The most delicious crunchy tofu, roasted almonds, kale salad, amazing sandwiches with roasted sweet potatoes and fig jam and sautéed red onions.
  6. I'm a blessed mama.