1. Dune
    Item: Book - I never did find out where or how he obtained it, but I stole it. He didn't appreciate it like I did.
  2. Slippery When Wet
    Item: Cassette Tape - Everyone knows all things Bon Jovi belong to me anyway.
  3. Plaid Flannel
    Item: Shirt - I was grunge before grunge was a thing.
  4. Bohemian Rhapsody
    Item: 45 record - This was the equivalent of missionary kid contraband. Openly gay led singer? The horror! FREDDIE MERCURY FOREVER!!
  5. Invisible Touch
    Item: Cassette Tape - I stole a lot of music. He bought the Genesis album while we were vacationing in Europe. I bought shoes. Stupid shoes.
  6. Lord of the Rings
    Item: Books - Why would anyone keep these from me?!??
  7. Leather
    Item: Jacket - He kept catching me with this one, but let me keep it when he left Kenya and flew to the States for university. Aw. Sweet brother.