We totally underestimate the power of dancing...the act of just closing your eyes and letting your body sway to a rhythm is one of the highlights of life. There's no such thing as "oh, I don't/can't dance". Close your damn eyes and let your body move (without giving a damn). Just do it!
  1. "Dance like nobody is watching"
    You see this quote everywhere. I used to just roll my eyes at how often it was used (seriously? It's in your email signature? Pfft). However, they really are wise words. Moving to a rhythm (who cares if you've got actual rhythm or not; again, don't give a damn) can be very therapeutic and meditative.
    Whaaaaaaat? Yep. I kid you not. It's pretty funky sciency stuff, but it is 💯 awesome for your brain function (and also mood levels). Something about "blending cerebral and cognitive thought processes with muscle memory" that helps you to maximize brain function. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-athletes-way/201310/why-is-dancing-so-good-your-brain
  3. Pump those classics
    Shout. Jump. Whatever is classic to you, and will get you moving in totally weird and funny angles, is what should be easily accessible when you're sad. If you're moping in bed, and you just whisper for Siri to play "Shout", I can bet my JLo butt that your butt will be moving. The classics are great for that- they seem to be wired in our brains to remind us of the good times. The silly school dances. The fun weddings. The times where we actually shook our bodies like nobody was watching!
  4. Pull in whoever is with you for an impromptu dance party
    16 month old was grumpy. I put on some music, we danced, we were silly, and it ended up being an amazing night full of laughter and memories. We re-wrote our whole night just by dancing. It was awesome. Imagine how many other evenings you could fix just by shaking that booty.
  5. Wise words to end this list
    If you are pregnant, and pick "sexy and I know it" by LMFAO for a @JimmyFallon style lip sync battle party, and you end up practicing a zillion times because you want to WIN...that will become your child's favorite song. They friggin REMEMBER the song. And then you have to play it over and over again because it is the only thing that will calm them down when they are hysterically crying. Choose your pregnancy songs wisely, my friends..choose wisely.
  6. What's your new motto?
    Just dance!