All the seriously real reasons my breastfeeding 15 month needs to call the popo (police).
  1. Mama covers her breast in public
  2. Mama won't give milk. Right. This. Very. Instant.
  3. Mama tried to wear a shirt to bed. Pff. Amateur. Nipple must be exposed at all times.
  4. Pants! They're trying to put pants on me! HELP!
  5. There's green stuff on my plate.
  6. Mama squish me
  7. Mama gives me water when I ask for water. I don't want water!!!! Give me BREAST!
  8. Mama kiss me too much
  9. I'm too cool for this mama chick
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  10. Mama wash my hair
  11. Doctors office.
  12. Getting in the car
    Because it is 2015 and teleportation should already exist.