After having a toddler tantrum filled day, finding this package at my door was absolutely perfect timing.
  1. First, how cute are these hand drawn snowflakes on the box??
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    All the way from Boulder City, NV. Sorry shipping to Canada is so pricy!
  2. Mmmmmmmmn. The way to my heart, dark chocolate. Immediately opened, immediately consumed.
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  3. The nicest smelling soap. Reminds of winter and nature at the same time. I keep taking whiffs.
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  4. Cutest set of 3 journals
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    For my happiest thoughts and lists
  5. And this awesome tiny book that has made my day. Love love love it!!!!
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  6. Honestly, it's as though you know me- this is the perfect gift. Perfect to flip through any time I need some extra inspiration or virtual high fives.
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    Thank you for the magic, Secret Santa. Now...can I know who you are??
  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And big thanks to @ChrisK for setting up this wonderful exchange.