I have no affiliation to this show, I am a completely unbiased viewer who thinks this series is gut-wrenching funny. Don't watch it if you have a cough, because you WILL be laughing. A lot.
  1. This show is the brainchild of Eugene Levy and his son, Daniel Levy
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    Comedic family dream team. Also playing father and son in the show.
  2. Catherine O'Hara is also in this show
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    Come on, y'all, I don't even need a description for this bullet point. It is CATHERINE friggin O'HARA! One of the most amazing comedic actors, and an inspiration to women everywhere.
  3. Witty humor AND slap-in-the-face humor.
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    The name should give that away.
  4. You will laugh. Out loud. Many times.
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  5. Have you ever loved a Canadian production?
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    If not, there's a first for everything. It will get you excited enough to search for other Canadian made productions.
  6. The cast is brillaint
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    In addition to the Levys and O'Hara, you have comedic icon Chris Elliott and newcomer Annie Murphy (who, like her co-actors, encompasses her role to a tee- think Paris Hilton meets Taylor Swift).
  7. Watch season 1
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    Because season 2 is coming in January 2016 and I can't wait.
  8. Oh...
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    Did I mention that you will, definitely, assuredly, laugh? Because you will.