This list request from @ChrisK - thank you.
  1. Hungry me. Would live in my favorite cookbook.
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  2. Lazy me. Would live in an obscure little book about the beaches of Maui County
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  3. Sexy me. Would live in this or any book about making my stomach flat.
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  4. Smarty-pants me. Would live in here with Walter Benjamin discussing "The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction."
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  5. Tomato me. I'd live here with these other tomatoes.
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  6. Memoir me. Would live with David laughing about his family and writing about mine.
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  7. HIV positive me. Would live here in the story I wrote. Or with my friend Tony who died 21 years ago.
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  8. Ugly me. Would live with Umberto redeeming ugliness.
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  9. Optimist me. Would live in the magic of believing.
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  10. Utopia me. Probably wouldn't find a home in this book.
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  11. Forgetful me. Would live with Norman in "The History of Forgetting"
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  12. Vernacular me. Would live down the street from Herman Fidler's 1957 cram course in vernacular architecture.
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  13. Painter me. Would live in Yelena Zhelezov's painting of a fictional socialist realist Trotsky/Brodsky book
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  14. Fictional me. Doesn't exist.