This list request from @ChrisK - thank you.
  1. Hungry me. Would live in my favorite cookbook.
  2. Lazy me. Would live in an obscure little book about the beaches of Maui County
  3. Sexy me. Would live in this or any book about making my stomach flat.
  4. Smarty-pants me. Would live in here with Walter Benjamin discussing "The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction."
  5. Tomato me. I'd live here with these other tomatoes.
  6. Memoir me. Would live with David laughing about his family and writing about mine.
  7. HIV positive me. Would live here in the story I wrote. Or with my friend Tony who died 21 years ago.
  8. Ugly me. Would live with Umberto redeeming ugliness.
  9. Optimist me. Would live in the magic of believing.
  10. Utopia me. Probably wouldn't find a home in this book.
  11. Forgetful me. Would live with Norman in "The History of Forgetting"
  12. Vernacular me. Would live down the street from Herman Fidler's 1957 cram course in vernacular architecture.
  13. Painter me. Would live in Yelena Zhelezov's painting of a fictional socialist realist Trotsky/Brodsky book
  14. Fictional me. Doesn't exist.