As Councilmember and former Mayor, I'd like to officially wish you a happy, healthy 2016. Come visit WeHo. Stay for an hour. Stay for the night. Move here and reinvent your life.
  1. West Hollywood was founded in 1984. This past year the city celebrated its 30th anniversary.
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  2. Some of the famous WEHO landmarks include the Whiskey and Roxy along the Sunset strip.
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  3. The billboards.
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  4. The Melrose design district. And the Pacific Design Center
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  5. Santa Monica Boulevard and the nightlife
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  6. LAPRIDE is in West Hollywood every June.
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  7. AIDS Walk Los Angeles in WEHO every October
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  8. Of course our yearly Halloween party.
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  9. Our city provides more dollars for social services per resident than any other city in California
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  10. West Hollywood has been declared CA most walkable city.
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  11. The Women's Leadership Conference is every spring
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  12. The CalARTS lecture series happens in the fall and winter
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  13. West Hollywood Women in Film Speakers series in the fall
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  14. The Transgender Day of Remembrance every year on November 20
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  15. The Russian language community, veterans and festival reminds us of home.
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  16. Come join us for a run or a Bootcamp class
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  17. Come meet our current Mayor pro tempore Lauren Meister
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  18. And our current Mayor Lindsey Horvath
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  19. There are hundreds of events and thousands happenings in Weho every month.
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  20. If you need anything from City Hall give me a call 310.498.5783 on my mobile or send me an email
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  21. See you soon. See you all year.
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