I love imagining all the ways in which people carefully selected and sent gifts to perfect strangers. And here's the last bit of my secret Santa's effort
  1. The package arrived during a very rare Southern California rainstorm. (El Nino not withstanding).
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  2. First clue: says on the front List App Secret Santa. With a HOpeful HOmey HOnest! HO HO HO!
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  3. Package was sent from Glasgow, Scotland.
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  4. Scotland !
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  5. Embarrassingly, I had to look up EXACTLY where Scotland is. I knew the general vicinity just not the exact location.
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  6. That's a long way away.
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  7. Ok so somehow the package made it to my house. #snailmail
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  8. And inside a card. And a wrapped gift.
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  9. Holy crap a handmade bookmark. With gold lettering !
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  10. A handwritten very thoughtful note. And a book.
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  11. This will come in handy. Thank you.
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  12. Thank you very much @mariasweetmilk you brought Santa into our house and along with Santa Christmas joy and love.
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  13. And Keith says, "thank you," too.
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