So I like to laugh.
  1. Let's try this 💰
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  2. Or this ⛈☔️
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  3. This one ... wtf ... 👻
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  4. Holy hell
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  5. 💤💤💤💤 Can't believe it. I made the cover of Afternoon Nap Magazine.
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  6. #stateofconfusion
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  7. #igrewupinthe70s 📞 #oneringiedingie
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  8. I love an ironic #globalwarming joke. See the whole list here. GLOBAL WARMING. THE EARTH DOESN'T MIND
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  9. My co worker #wins
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  10. Don't worry it's not THAT contagious.
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  11. We'll all be old one day.
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  12. Right.
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  13. It IS exactly what you're thinking this looks like.
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  14. And I'm out.
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  15. So maybe they're not all FUNNY but I bet you're smiling at least a little.
  16. Stay tuned for more.
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