I really want to love listapp and I'm just not that verbal so I read read read and think oh I could list some pictures.
  1. A painting I saw during my art school days. Particularly interesting to me because I never did leave the discourse.
  2. The Valentine's Day card I made in honor of my dear friend, west Hollywood's 95 year old expert on everything, JEANNE DOBRIN (all caps all the time). To know her is to love her and hope she's on your side of the issue.
  3. Was in @ralphsmarket in West Hollywood and came across this box of Simple Truth Baby Spinach that had arugula in it. I contacted both Ralph's and Simple Truth and neither seemed interested.
  4. This picture is hilarious to me. It's from my high school days on Maui in the late 70s. I'm the one sitting down legs crossed. This is from 1978 to be exact - I have absolutely no memory of this moment, where I am, what I'm doing or who took this picture. I do love the shirt / vest combo.
  5. This picture speaks for itself.
  6. Saw this dude on my way home from work. Orange bike, orange hair, backpack, helmet, shoes and jersey.
  7. The apartment trash belch continues. Two sofas dragged outside sometime between 10 AM and 530 PM today
  8. A pic of some of the salads at Lemonade. We're having a birthday party for 75 in early March and Lemonade will be catering. With cakes from Lark.