1. Shirako (fish semen from Japan)
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  2. Chuño (foot stomped potatoes from Peru)
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  3. Musk flavored Lifesavers
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  4. Hot Dog pizza from Pizza Hut
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  5. Butter Flavored Kit Kats
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  6. Panda Express Spare Ribs
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  7. Carl's Jr. Most American Burger
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  8. JIF cookies and cream/hazelnut spread
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  9. Taco Bell Biscuit Taco
  10. Wendy's Ghost Pepper Fries
  11. Cap'n Crunch Donut Cereal
  12. Olive Garden Breadstick Sandwiches
  13. Krispy Kreme Southern Classics- peach pie and lemon flavored
  14. Carl's Jr. Ding Dong Ice Cream
  15. Apple pie flavored Kit Kats
  16. New Zealand milk biscuit
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  17. Spreadable bacon in a jar
  18. New Zealand Feijoa Candies