Another list of The List App suggestions.
  1. Require all users to fill out 3 common lists with at least 5 things instead of profile biography stuff
    This would create a baseline common profile and some common social starting points. The 3 lists I'd ask for are : favorite fruit , music genres , human traits but i bet there's a better group of analytical baseline listing a shrink could provide.
  2. Change commenting to friends but create a rating scale system.
    World commenting on lists will get crazy out of hand soon. How about limiting comments to friends or friends of friends but let every one rate lists.
  3. Not so convinced the layout is so great. Looks pretty blah actually. Needs design.
    Everything cold be simpler. Id leave out the other social sharing stuff until the base gets bigger snt design is more solid. The app looks like iphone 1.0
  4. I'm a very list based person though would like a slightly more tiered bunch of listing categories.
    I could see create a tech help list for trouble shooting but everything seems kind of randomly placed. Maybe I'm missing something since I'm new to this. Trying to figure out how grab eyeballs to my"brand" without ads or being too trendy. Fun is cool but fun usually equals temporary. Who stil owns a pet rock?
  5. Wow i just saw a help box!!
    Turn it on and off like Apple's pages or numbers apps. Simple and easy please.