Some summer memories

As summer comes to a close some photo memories in chronological order of course ✌️🌸
  1. South Oxford place!
  2. Lots of karaoke and cold drinks
  3. Washington Square Park
  4. I wasn't kidding...
  5. Warriors who I adore
  6. Dominican Republic
  7. More Dominican Republic
  8. Last one 🌸🌸🌸
  9. Then we unpacked and packed again for a weekend in South Jersey
  10. Post skinny dipping but pre Philly Film Festival
  11. I made out with a guy outside this bar because he punched someone in the face??
  12. Lots of Pokemon Go obviously
  13. Moved in with my favorite person
  14. When the Uber driver told us to go fuck ourselves
  16. Birthday princess!!
  17. Pool themed party for the birthday princess
  18. Shakespeare in the park
  19. Training for my new clown job