On the third week of directing Romeo & Juliet (lessons on working with actors)
  1. I'll always prefer a reliable and easy to work with actor over a "talented" actor. It's also rare someone is both
  2. It's seriously magical to watch scenes you've dreamt about come together right in front of you
  3. It's seriously depressing when actors disregard and not apply previous notes on blocking
    No patience for bullshit.
  4. There's nothing that irks me more than the "blank actor stare" actors give when you're trying to talk to them about the work/when giving notes
    And then they also don't respond when you're done.... Just punch me in the face it'd hurt less.
  5. My heart flutters when an actor says "I have a suggestion.."
    Doesn't matter if it's good or bad or whatever.
  6. My heart breaks when an actor says "line?" Third. Week. Into. Rehearsals.
    Again. No patience for bullshit.