1. These are my uncles.
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    Peter (the Stanley Tucci look alike on the right), is my father's older brother. Joe, the adorable Italian on the left, is his husband.
  2. They throw a bangin' holiday brunch.
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    And their home looks like a Pottery Barn catalog.
  3. Today we are all making the trek to my Uncle John's house.
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    We includes me, my little sister, my wife, my uncles, my father and his girlfriend, and my grandfather. My Uncle John is a delight - he began his adult life as a Roman Catholic priest, fell in love with a woman, and left the priesthood to get married and have three wildly intelligent and delightful children.
  4. We will make merry and reflect on yet another year of excellence.
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    There won't be any racist commentary, no one will praise Donald Trump, and no one will disparage the choices made by any individual at the table.
  5. ...and we will miss this lady tons.
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    Many moons ago, when I was young and scared, I finally got up the courage to come out to my grandmother. She blinked a few times then burst into hearty laughter and said, "well, I guess it runs in the family!"
  6. Yes, being awesome DOES run in the family.
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    We are a lucky bunch to have so much love, joy, and laughter around us. And when the time comes for us to bring littles into the world, I know that it will be a beautiful world they will enter.
  7. Happy Holidays to whoever is reading this - may your life be filled with happiness - whether it is with the family you were born into, or with the family you created.
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