1. But...like...you're so pretty.
    Thanks! You should see my wife.
  2. So...do you like...hate men?
    Yes. With the burning passion of 1,000 suns. This is why boys cannot pass my class.
  3. Ok, so if you're married to a girl, who's the guy in the relationship?
  4. Like who does the guy stuff, like fixing things and taking out the trash?
    Oh child, I am so glad you asked! We are actually swimming in a sea of garbage, such is the lack of testicular fortitude in our house, and you should see the spiders! It's cray cray.
  5. But like, don't you wanna be a mom?
    Yes child, I do.
  6. So...like...how does that work?
    Well, when two ladies really love each other they just hold hands and watch Gilmore Girls reruns for about 9 months straight. At the end a baby appears.