Swbat = students will be able to
  1. Swbat text everyone they know surreptitiously.
  2. Swbat use the words penis, wrinkle, and dillwad in a complete and grammatically correct sentence.
  3. Swbat makes teacher's face collapse in rage / despair / laughter at least four times.
  4. Swbat add at least 2 seconds of screaming teacher or fellow student to snap story per period.
  5. Swbat visit the bathroom without actually having to just to check their instafeed.
  6. Swbat say something totally out of order but nonetheless brilliant.
  7. Swbat fall out of chair for the pure pleasure of getting a rise out of classmates.
  8. Swbat use chrome books to watch Drake's entire ouvre on vimeo.