1. Once upon a time, I earned an MA in 16th century literature from Boston College.
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    Probably one of the most gorgeous places in the greater Boston area, BC is a small Jesuit school with both an onsite monastery and seminary.
  2. While there, I focused my work on how people of the 16th century thought about the body by reading theory like this...
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  3. And this...
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  4. And this.
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  5. In my second semester, I took a fabulous class titled, aptly - Sex, Gender, and The Body in Early Modern England - and started reading theory like this...
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  6. And this...
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  7. And this.
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  8. Throw in Foucault...
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  9. And some badass early modern drama...
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  10. And some weird early modern drama...
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  11. And some gaaaaaay early modern drama...
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  12. And I started writing papers with titles like this:
    In the Name of the Father: Failed Paternity and Homoerotic Desire in Early Modern England; Traffic In Women: Gender, Magic, and the Calculus of Power in _A Midsummer Night's Dream_; "So is the tongue among our members, that defileth the whole body..." - Shame, Gendered Punishment, and the Anxieties of Corporeal Agency in _The Revenger's Tragedy_
  13. And that is how a mildly conservative, totally Catholic, and totally adorable college awarded me the most homosexual degree on the damn planet. Go Eagles!!!
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