In no particular order
  1. Made a chicken sandwich
  2. Started drinking before it was legal
    18 in Norway
  3. Continued drinking after it was legal
    I've learned to deal with it
  4. Re-watched Star Wars
  5. Re-watched Batman & Robin (1997)
    See my list
  6. Went to college
  7. Got a job
  8. Got a credit card
  9. Joined MySpace
    Everyone was doing it and it seemed so cool
  10. Joined Facebook
    Because MySpace is for losers!
  11. Joined List App
    Thanks to @13spencer
  12. Joined Twitter
    @list is better!
  13. Listened to 90s pop music
  14. Listened to current pop music
  15. Made bad rhymes because of said pop music
    Like rhyming baby with baby
  16. Listened to reggae
    Love it
  17. Screwed up (a lot of different things)
  18. Smoked cigarettes for a few months
  19. Wore a fedora for way too long
  20. Bought skinny jeans
    For sale: never worn.
  21. Made terrible dad jokes
  22. Aged
    People kept telling me to grow up
  23. Watched Mr. Robot
  24. Watched The Office (UK)
    Calm it down @bjnovak, I also saw the US version
  25. Watched The Mindy Project
    Shoutout to @mindy - she's this up-and-comer I discovered on List App. You probably haven't heard of her yet but you should totally follow her. I'm just going to google her to see if she has done other stuff... HOLY SH*T!
  26. Watched Big Bang Theory
  27. Watched Divergent
  28. Watched Guardians of the Galaxy
    Ugh, I'll stop because this could go on forever. PS: Love this movie!
  29. Joined a gym
  30. Bought an expensive Halloween costume
    It did not get me laid
  31. Been part of a group Halloween costume
    We were French Kiss and I was Catman. Did not get laid that night either.
  32. Went to SoulCycle
  33. Started calling spinning SoulCycle
    It's the SAME thing
  34. Started golfing
  35. Played actual football
    You guys call it soccer for some reason
  36. Created a power outage at my school
    Junior High
  37. Produced a snowboard movie
  38. Ordered gluten-free pizza
  39. Ordered gluten-free anything
  40. Went back to eating gluten
  41. Been very passionate about gluten even though I'm not really sure what it is
    I think it's some kind of virus
  42. Cut out drinking for a month
    I'm almost half way
  43. Juice cleanse
    Saying it out loud makes me feel gross
  44. Swapped "search for" with "google"
  45. Swapped "google" with "bing"
    Lasted a day and I went back to The Almighty and All-Knowing Google, praise be to Larry Page
  46. Got a flip phone
  47. Bought an iPod
  48. Then a MacBook
  49. Then an iPhone
  50. Then an iPad
  51. Started voluntarily promoting all Apple products to PC users
  52. Judged people using Andriod
  53. Judged people based on really minor traits that affected me in no way
  54. Drunken munchies
    It's mostly my drunk brain telling me I'm hungry and that I need at least three cheeseburgers to not have a hangover the next day
  55. Had nothing but fast food for a day
  56. Bought a car
    Because everyone needs one in LA apparently. I sold it a while back.
  57. Left Norway
    Though for a lot of different reasons
  58. Switched from a British accent to an American one
  59. Said non-words like brb, lol and bffs
    Or "on fleek"
  60. Went to an open mic comedy nights
  61. Went to an actually good comedy show
  62. Fell in love with Eddie Izzard and his stand-up
  63. Rented a tux for an event that by no means needed it
  64. Started celebrating Christmas in November
    Ok, it was July
  65. Grew a mustache for Movember
  66. Kept the mustache because some people said it looked good
    It didn't
  67. Tried learning to play piano
  68. Saw @john's Who Said music video for inspiration
    Was making a music video at the time
  69. Also saw the video for James Blunt's Goodbye My Lover for the same project
    Video was never made because the song was never finished
  70. Got into stencils and street art
  71. Used emojis
    I do like 💯
  72. Grew my hair out long
    Shoulder length. It was a weird combo between an afro and a mullet.
  73. Died my hair when I was growing it out
    For anyone who don't know, this is a terrible idea
  74. Died my hair a lot of other times too
  75. Wore saggy pants for a while
  76. Had sex
    People kept telling me it was amazing
  77. Celebrated my birthday
    People kept telling me it was amazing
  78. Thought I fell asleep during Mighty Joe Young
    Because my best friend tricked me and started talking about all the scenes I missed
  79. Trained Wing Chun
    Form of martial arts. I wasn't really good at it.
  80. Started filling out an application to be a sperm donor
    Was not sent in
  81. Went to Vegas
  82. Got a table at a club in Vegas
    But why though?!
  83. Joined the Boy Scouts
  84. Quit the Boy Scouts
  85. Got in a fight
    He made a bad impression on me. HA HA HA I'M SO FUNNY!
  86. Went for the role of Mr. Zidler instead of Christian when we put on Moulin Rouge in Junior High
    It was definitely the better choice
  87. Ate a corn dog once
  88. Read Lone Wolf and Cub
  89. Wore a thumb ring
  90. Wore a puka shell necklace
  91. Used a fitness ball instead of an office chair at work
  92. Got an ab cruncher device from the HSN in Norway
    Technically my dad bought it since I was young and had no money. Also for sale, never used.
  93. Got so scared from a Halloween mask that I couldn't sleep
    It was a glow-in-the-dark version of the mask from Scream
  94. Cried at a funeral
  95. Bought a keychain with my name on it
  96. Got a tan (once)
  97. Made a non-budget movie with my friends called The Mission
    It was a very campy parody of Hollywood action movies. Logline: When Russian terrorists steal the code to make the worst nuclear weapon in the world (which is hidden inside the DNA of a goldfish), a washed up agent has to go back into action to save the world and avenge the death of his former partner... It's exactly as good as it sounds like.
  98. Thought Anthony Hopkins was Sean Connery and vice versa
    Don't remember why, but it took me a long time to get this straight.
  99. Made this list!