I was a single boy in high school. He was a married man and my teacher. Nothing happened.
  1. Our politics class was going to see the movie Munich with our teacher. I was the only one who showed up.
  2. It was Valentine's day!!!!!!
  3. I realized my teacher had reserved a whole row of seats since so many people were supposed to attend.
  4. We sat next to each other
    I repeat, no seat gap. Don't remember why.
  5. There were several couples on romantic dates present
  6. One of the trailers had a lot of nudity and loud sex in it
  7. The trailer was based on a book my teacher loved, so he started talking to me about it while there are several orgasms on screen
  8. I said something back to him, but I had to speak really loudly because of a particularly big climax. Suddenly, the trailer cuts to black and I'm yelling out to everyone in the theater.
    I don't remember what I said, but now all eyes are on us.
  9. Munich starts and I know there are both sex scenes and nudity, but I don't know when
  10. Eric Bana sweating and thrusting in slow motion
    I don't want to see it, yet I can't look away
  11. We walk out of the movie theater in silence
    Also avoiding eye contact
  12. We nod goodbye as I take the long way home just so I can escape
  13. The next day, in class, he tells everyone how he had a good time with me and that they should have been there