Some things I've learned since I was lucky enough to get on here.
  1. I was scared at first.
    I didn't know anything about this place. Lists sounded fun and all, but that what the hell was this thing?
  2. It felt good to share!
    Whether it was something bold or just my quirky sense of humor, this was always a good environment to share my thoughts. List Appers have been very supportive.
  3. The more active I was, the more I loved it.
    I wrote as much as you could. I found other people I liked. I commented, relisted, and made friends. It realized it was ok to tag people. @Meatball! See, I just did it and everything is ok. @olive. See, I did it again! Being active made this the best possible experience because it opened up a world of wonderful lists and people.
  4. I started developing crushes.
    "Pft, that will never happen!" Trust me, it will and it's ok. It's actually good, it means you get it. Some of mine are (with the exception of the ones I already mentioned) @13spencer, @ChrisK, @sky, @sebastian, @ErinFlaherty, @sally, @angusisley, @AlexandraLouise, @gabimoskowitz, and SO MANY MORE. I don't like tagging people because I don't want to exclude anyone, but I wanted to get my point across.
  5. I stopped trying to keep up with @ChrisK.
    The man is insane but in the best possible way. Please feel free to try though, we could use more people like him.
  6. I don't want this to end.
    This happened really early on, I hope the same happens to you. List on!