1. Racism ended but is still a thing somehow
  2. Sex And The City forced people to decide if they were a Carrie or Samantha
  3. Black President - WIN (only one so far, but still a win)
  4. Same sex people allowed to married - WIN
  5. Date night became synonymous with Netflix
  6. Superhero movies were popular until Joel Schumaker, but ultimately made a comeback and now they're flippin everywhere
  7. Post apocalyptic YA novels
  8. Beliebers
  9. Twerking and white people trying to twerk
  10. Both Hugh Hefner and Playboy are still alive. He still wears his robe, so at least some things never change
  11. If the Kardashians get up in the morning it's considered front page news
  12. Hip hop was great and then we had Vanilla Ice (because white people), but it got good again
  13. There have been 6 James Bonds so far, and no Idris Elba was unfortunately not one of them