1. DO: Pay your rent
    Obviously - don't get evicted
  2. DON'T: Imagine how many drinks you could have bought instead of paying rent
  3. DON'T: Think about all those things you bought that you're now not sure was one 100% necessary
    Thanks workout equipment in my living room I never use, especially now that I've joined a gym!
  4. DON'T: Lie to yourself and say you deserve a night out because you just paid rent
    That makes NO SENSE
  5. DON'T: Look at your bank account after it's paid
    Give it a few days, but by all means make sure the money is there before you write the check
  6. DO: Feel good about being adult enough to pay rent
  7. DON'T: Let that go to your head
    I paid rent, so now I can do anything! Give me a credit card because I want to buy a house!
  8. DON'T: Make a list instead of writing the check to the landlord while he's looking at you
    It's a little awkward.