This is two lists in one because I'm lazy.
  1. Jenna Dewan-Tatum's husband
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    Diet: No diet, just solid dance moves. Purse: The heart of America.
  2. Alicia Vikander's ex
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    Diet: Photos of himself, tasteful nudes to be exact. Purse: More of his diet.
  3. Matt Bomer
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    Diet: Smoothies entirely made up of his fans' crushes on him. Purse: respect, and lots of it.
  4. Leo! *voice of Dr. Evil*
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    Diet: champagne and models. Purse: hair gel, mini beard grooming kit, list of people to bribe in order to win an Oscar.
  5. Jennifer Westfeldt's ex
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    Diet: Cigarettes. Purse: Small packs of cologne that smells like his natural scent. He gives them away as party favors.
  6. Jane Fallon's partner
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    Diet: His own hat because he said he would never host the Globes again. Purse: a note saying "Jane is safe, you will get her back after you finished hosting AND if you behave. - Hollywood Foreign Press."